Who we are?
Mathematicians. Engineers.
We are founded in 2018 by an IITian, a self-developed successful trader. We grew up with a core team of IITians having deep experience in software development and data analytics. We are focused on consistent growth of funds through trading index and stock futures in Indian market and thus provide liquidity to the market. While our proprietary trading business thrives, we put our experience and expertise to train traders and analysts for stock market through our “Learn then Earn” program.
Trading – A challenging Endeavor
Analysis of the day trading of hundreds of thousands of investors over a seventeen-year period showed that 60% of day traders left after only one month, ending up quitted, after a period of 3 years only 13% survive, after a period of 5 years only 7% continue and in future only 1.6% of them were able to earn more than brokerage fee. Data speaks itself about the challenges we face on daily basis to produce consistent results in uncertain stock market environment. We dedicate our success to our right focus, right method and right psychological process.
Responsible Risk Management
At ShaktiFutures we are highly focused on containing risk. We believe that containing risks is our job and returns are rewarded by market itself. Our risk-management capabilities are the only reason behind our confidence. We also understand that rewards are proportional to risk, this is where our expertise of mathifying plays an important role to churn out consistency in an uncertain environment.
Nurturing trading minds
Trading is a game of greed and fear. We understand the need of mental analysis in such environment to play an edge successfully. We give mental analysis priority over any other analysis (technical/quantitative/fundamental) which in turn gives us solid platform to convert math into consistent growth, which reflects in our returns.
We use our trading psychology expertise to nurture budding analytical minds into successful traders through our “learn then earn” program
shakti futures founder
Shakti Singh
Founder & Partner
IIT-BHU Engg. Grad. | 9 yrs Engineering Management at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. | 7+ years Trading Strategy Development & Futures Trading