What we do?
Creating certainty
in uncertain Market Environment.
We are a proprietary trading house, motivated for becoming most consistently growing house in an industry. Because we define consistency as success in such an uncertain market environment. We consider it as our responsibility to contribute trading industry by creating more transparent and sustainable environment. We provide liquidity to index futures market through our trading activity.
We are completely focused on creating consistent returns in futures markets through risk optimization. We deploy high probability trades to create short term positions in index and stock futures. Strength of our strategies is consistent returns and is reflected in our fund performance
While our proprietary trading business thrives, we put our experience and expertise to train traders and analysts for stock market through our “Learn then Earn” program. Here we train passionate trader to achieve consistent growth of funds.
Under this program we also evaluate strategies/style of budding traders(Trading regularly for more than 3 years) and guide them to remove errors and built a robust system that can sustain turbulent market headwinds.