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Whether you are making losses or profits there is always a scope to learn and improve. Same argument also echoed by a well renowned Ace investor Late. Rakesh Jhunjunwala during his interview with first post:
He was asked - How long did it take you to master trading? He answered - I am still trying to!
We are here with a proven track record of consistent growth as your guiding hand. Get your style / strategy evaluated with us and know the possible pit falls. AS journey is safer and shorter with an experienced guide.
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Shilpi Singh
I can’t say enough good things about Shakti futures. I started my training with Shakti futures in 2020, and was trading by 2021. That was my first hands on experience. Even though I don’t have any technical background, I was able to make it 40% of gain by the end of fourth quarter. They recommended books for me on technical analysis which were very helpful, along with the strong Trader Psychology I developed with their guidance. The most important thing was making a strategy. Shakti himself help me to create my own strategy; my most useful asset thus far.